Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Crochet Round Pillows on Etsy

                             So these are my newest items on my Etsy shop....
My grandma showed me how to make them about 35 years ago, and I haven't ever seen any like them since..... It has been fun putting together different colors and seeing how each one is so different...

This is the one I made 35 years ago, and I actually have it on my bed right now

I am selling them for $30.00  They are double sided and and are 15 inches round, I will make custom ones with any color for those who would like one

What do you think they will sell or am I wasting my time?????

Well actually I have made them to match my kids and grand kids rooms so they won't go to  Let me know!!!!


  1. Perhaps our grandma's were from the same period, I remembered these! I think they are lovely.