Saturday, March 14, 2015

New In My Etsy Shop

Ok so here is what I have been working on....
First let me say that my inspiration for this is my wonderful mom who passed away Sept.2 2014.
I took care of her for 7 years after my dad passed away.  It was one of the most wonderful years of my life, my mom is my best friend and has always been there for me. It has been a hard few months with out her but I know she is here is spirit...


My Sweet mom had a bad lower back and sciatic nerve pain on her right side so I made her some rice packs that she could use to help her with the pain..  She would sit in her recliner and have one on her lower back and the other one would be on the side from her hip going down her leg
So this is what I have been working on..

I have two sizes.. the square one measures 9 1/2 x 10 inches. and can fit comfortable on the lower back or any part of body as needed..  The rectangle one is 5x 21 inches and it can fit along the side of the leg, around the neck or any part of the body. 
What make these different then other rice packs is it has a outer pack that can be taken off and washed to keep it fresh and clean.
                                           There are ties at the top to hold it in when in use

The inner pack is  a flannel sewn together with 4 pockets of rice evenly placed in each to keep the rice more even during the heat-cold therapy
                           Just have to place in microwave for heat and the freezer for cold pack

Here is some more of the  "Hot-Cold Rice Pack with Washable outer Pack"

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