Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Style

So I am trying to figure out what style of decorating I am.... I have taken some picture of the things in my own house that I like. Lets see if it give us a clue to what that style might me....

This pedestal table was my great grandpa's and it was cut off and made into a coffee table and my dad refinished it for me

This cute table was out side at our neighbors house in the bad weather and I asked her if I could have it and she said that old thing you sure can....didn't my dad do a great job it looks great.

This mirror which came off a old dresser was done by my cousin Sue and I bought it from her for around $70.00. The original mirror is still is in and it is kind of wavy which gives it character but I am sure those who come to my house think why doesn't she clean it...
This cabinet came out of my husbands home that he grew up in and my in laws were tearing the house down and I told them I wanted it and they couldn't understand why I would want something so ugly...well It was white  with ugly blue accent but look how it turned out....Now they say wish I would of got it out of the house for me.

This table was actually my grandma Framptons my dads mom and she had it sitting out on her porch and I told my dad one day that I wanted to inherit that table well he said if we wait then someone else will get it so we asked my grandma if we could have it.

You might ask why my dad has done all the refinishing of my furniture, well he was the best carpentar / builder there was around of course I would say that he is my dad  ....But it is true. And he was one that like to do it himself instead letting someone else do it so hence that is why I didn't do any of the refinishing. I did watch him however and I hope I learned enough from him to do things for myself...well see..
I will post some of the other things I have like materials I use,  pictures, accents, stay tuned
Are we getting closer to what my style may be??

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