Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Present...

   Okay so here is a picture of a end table that my parents got for a wedding present. It is well worn and I think needs something done to it.

I remember as a young child my brother and I would chase around the house and knock over the lamp that sat on this table and my parents would come home and wonder what we had done to the house... And as I got older I remember painting my finger nails on it and I still can see some paint on it actually.  This table brings back a lot of good memories for me and I don't want to get rid of it but I think it needs some help..

           This is what I am thinking about doing... 
          Remember the shelf I made for my  
                         guest bathroom

          Well I am thinking that I maybe I will paint it red and glaze it with black

                                              What do you think??
  Will I ruin the over 50 year old table or will I bring it back to life with new color???


  1. They say in the antiques market that restoring furniture decreases value...but this is much more a family, sentimental piece than that, and I think it would look beautiful with the reddish finish! Go for it!

  2. Go for it, it'll look great! That's a really sweet little table and it's great that it's so sentimental. :)