Thursday, March 24, 2011

Glazing furniture 101

How many wish they knew how to glaze but don't know how or where to go to find it??
Here is a link to "all things thrifty" by brook, she shows how to glaze furniture.


She has done some amazing things and all her furniture looks great...That is where I got the idea to do my shelf and now my table.
Take a look and see if there is something around your house that you would like to gets addicting

Thanks brook at "all things thrifty" and your great Ideas


  1. I'll have to look at it, I've never tried anything like that before.

  2. I love All Things Thrifty!

    Following you via Etsy Blogging Team and your blog is right up my alley! You can follow me here if you'd like!

  3. New follower here from the Etsy Blogging Buddies TEam! I love DIY projects but glazing is one I haven't tried, I need to put it on my to-do list! Looking forward to more posts!