Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Name blocks done and hung

Well one set anyway...
I have been working on blocks of wood with my granddaughters name on them and I have Sophie's done and hung

I painted the wood dark brown and then Mod Podge the paper to it and then I used pink and brown paper for the lettering and Mod Podge them on and then a final coat of Mod Podge to seal it....

I added checkered brown and white ribbon to the top and tied in a bow and it made it easy for hanging

I am happy with it, Shelby (the mom) is happy and so is Sophie... well hopefully she likes it to....
Did you notice the Princess sign in the middle I think that grouping looks really cute together...

So here is the makings of the other two block letters I need to make for Mckenna and Macie
Their bedroom is pink, green, and we are adding purple, so the blocks will be painted with these colors and a variety of paper with the same colors for the back and a deep purple vinyl for the lettering....I think they will turn out real cute don't you????


  1. So cute! The letters and the princess pictures look so great together!

  2. Yes they will turn out cute! I love how the grouping came together so cute! Can't wait for mine!!

  3. These are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for visiting my blog. I just became your newest follower and I look forward to catching up on your past posts. : )

    ~ Wendy

  4. Hi Marianne! I'm visiting from FF and wanted to say hello to you. I absolutely love what you are doing over here. Your signs are awesome. I'm your newest follower and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful art and getting to know you. Have a wonderful weekend, Candace

  5. Your princess signs are so cute! And I love the name you did. Following you back from Thrifty Girl Vintage. It's nice to meet you on the blog hop!

  6. Love your blog!
    Hiya! Newest follower from Follow Friday Over 40 Hop-- please stop by and say hello! Would love if ya followed back!
    The Purple Goddess

  7. Those look awesome! I am very impressed :)

    found you via the weekend blog hop - new follower!

  8. Thanks for stopping by, they look amazing!..now following you back from Adventures at Greenacre

  9. These name blocks are beautiful! I'm off to visit your Etsy shop now!
    I'm glad I came across your blog today =-)