Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tomatoes anyone??

                So here is how my sweet husband and I spent our Saturday......
                 Yes my sweetie helps me bottle... Yes I am one lucky lady....

We picked the tomatoes a few days ago and let them sit in the garage where it was real warm and by Saturday we had two big pan full of ripe tomatoes

First we made 12 quarts of stewed with a little crook neck and zucchini in them, we started doing this cause we has so many squash one year and didn't know what to do with it all and when we used the stewed tomatoes the following winter we really like the flavor.

Then we did spaghetti sauce, it is the easiest recipe you will ever do and it tastes so good.  The recipe goes like this:

Slice of Onion
2 Rings Green Pepper
1 tsp. Salt  ( this year I tried garlic salt instead of just salt, don't know yet if we like it or not)
2 Tbsp. Lemon Juice
1/8 tsp. Italian Seasoning
1 Large Bay Leaf

Put first 6 ingredients in the bottom of the bottles then pack in the tomatoes, seal and process for 55 min.
If using pressure cooker, pressure at 13lbs for 10 min

When I open a bottle for sauce I take out the bay leaf, dump it in a blender and blend it up and add a can of tomato paste to thicken it and simmer it while the noodles cook and then serve..

So we ended up with 12 bottles of Stewed and 7 bottles of Spaghetti Sauce
Not to bad for a days work wouldn't you say...

I make salsa, chili sauce, bottle tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, and stewed tomatoes with my tomatoes....
What do you do with yours???  Let me know what you bottle and give recipes... lets see how many we can get....

Next weekend I believe more tomatoes and the corn is about to pick...I have a great way to do frozen corn I will share it with you...

Have a good week everyone and enjoy!!


  1. I make Tomato Ketchup and Red and Green Tomato Chutneys. The latter is great for using up those late Green Tomatos that refuse to turn red and both use windfall Apples. I usually take a couple of days to do each recipe, because I find leaving all the ingredients to mix in with each other overnight, and then cook and add sugar and boil to thicken makes the flavours even better. Anyone wanting the recipes for any or all of these, contact me on my e-mail at and I'll happily send it to them. That's 3 recipes, if you're collecting the numbers!

    Have just made the Red Tomato Chutney: the Ketchup I make all year, when I can get the big vine tomatos. Folks don't usually relinquish their Green ones, until they've got fed up with trying to get them to ripen up!

    Happy preserving!

  2. Cool! I didn't know that you could can spaghetti sauce! What a great idea. My mom cans stewed tomatoes but then we still have to mix the sauce up when we have spaghetti.

  3. Hey! This is such a good idea. The husband and I will have to get on this! I’m your newest follower :) Please feel free to come by and follow if you’d like! I look forward to keeping up with your future posts!

    - Alison

  4. i have never picked any veggies before...probably much healthier too! awesome of your husband to help out like that!

  5. My husband made his own salsa the other night, and it tasted so yummy! I want to try to make my own now, I think i'll try your recipe! :]

    Sandra from A Little More Than Life