Friday, October 7, 2011

Did we even get FALL???

Okay so yesterday I woke up to snow and it snowed pretty much all day long.... I was so upset that I didn't even get any pictures, but the trees were hanging low and the beautiful green grass was white.... I have to say I really love the fall season and hope that we still get to have it before winter really sets in....
As most of you know I work at our local Hospital, I do the Recreational Therapy there for our long term residents. I have a bulletin board I do to celebrate each month

So when I got to work this is what I saw in our activity room....

I quilted this witch a few years ago and thought it would look cute on the board, I got a limb off the tree and added leaves and a few pumpkins
What do you think???

On the piano we have some pumpkins we made with 2 x 6 and I cut out foam faces for them to put on and added a limb stem and some rafia and leaves

So as I look out the window right now I see snow on our mountains, the grass is green again and the weather lady said it will be in the 70 by next week so yea I think I will get to smell fall, watch the fallen leaves, and enjoy the harvest season....... what a relief....
Have a great weekend and as always keep on crafting.......


  1. You made those pumpkins? They are awesome! Sending warmer weather thoughts your way, it is getting to warm here in the South again.

  2. Your pumpkins look great! We are just getting darker here in UK and leaves are falling, its raining lots and I am wearing a scarf. I love the autumn and can't wait to kick through the leaves with my girl in November. Enjoy the blankets of snow and take tons of pics as they always turn out so well with the light bouncing all around.