Monday, October 24, 2011

My "Forever Family"

It seems like life is passing me by... I can't believe that I am this age and my kids are mothers and fathers and I am a grandma... Where did the time go??
So I just wanted to say that I love my family so much and so glad we are a "Forever Family"

We had our family pictures done this summer and I am so glad that we got everyone there....

                                 Here I am with my sweet hubby Russ....
My grand kids...aren't  they the cutest things ever.... I know everyone things their kids are the cutest and you should.... I am one proud grandma

Okay so maybe we pushed them just a little bit... they had had enough when we were trying to take this one....

So here we all are... as you can see we are Green Bay Packer fans....true Packer fans...  We have such a great time during football season.
                            I am so blessed to have this family....
                             Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!!!

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  1. I am a Grandmother of six. Now they have grown into their teen years but like you say. We are blessed hubby and I. We have been married 50 years. How blessed indeed. Love your family and you and hubby.

    Drop in and say hello to my blogs. I love yours.

    That is what blog friends are for. To be friendly and share.