Monday, November 7, 2011

If you can't Beat'em.... Join'em

So this is what I woke up to...

I am standing on my porch looking out over the driveway.... 

Not even all the leaves are off the trees.... I have to agree that it is a beautiful site...
I think I am more ready for winter then I think... this weekend my daughter shelby and I decided to do some winter crafts..

Shelby made this a few weeks ago...  the bottom block is glittery and looks really cute when the light hits it just right

When we  made this cute snowman and tree we really didn't think winter would be here Monday.....

They just fit in my "Country Home" but I am going to put them on my etsy shop hopefully this week.... So what do you think???

Are you ready for winter and the snow??? Well grab a cup of hot chocolate, a nice blanket and book, and sit by the fire and stay warm.... that is my answer to enjoying winter... oh wait I do have to get out in the snow... I work.... dang it maybe when I retire I can enjoy Winter...


  1. Those are cute wintertime crafts. Glad we haven't gotten snow yet. It rained all day yesterday though and is still raining this morning--so thankful the temperatures are in the 40s so we missed what would have been a huge snowstorm. It's ugly and messy out, but at least we don't have to shovel the rain and drive through the snow! Praise the Lord!

  2. Hi Marianne, so glad I found your blog!! I'm one of your Old Farmhouse Gathering sisters! I'm happy you joined us! Your wood crafts are sooo cute!

  3. Aww the snow is lovely ! We didn't get any snow in London this year which is very unusual.

  4. We have 10 inches of snow. I live in Canada. Cute crafts.

    I made crafts of gingerbreads out of cereal boxes. I drew my faces and deco after I cut out the shape of them and let them hang on a string over night so they went hard. Then I drew and deco. I then later put a string on top. Then the kids loved to hang them on the Christmas trees at their own house. I pianted the beig but I am sure you could dip in the tea to make them look antique. I should put them in my bloggger. I just started to put more in blogger.